1st National Bank to Reconstruct Better!


Castries, Saint Lucia, Sunday November 7, 2021: – After the success of its 82nd Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Thursday 4 November, the 1st National Bank of Saint Lucia “can only consider a Build Back Better”.

This is the word of a reference shareholder at the end of the 2021 General Meeting at the Center Administratif des Finances in Castries.

Shareholders entered the meeting with the recent controversial sudden but low-key resignation of their bank’s chief executive, casting shadows on the proceedings.

The agenda for the day did not include anything to do with the resignation of ex-CEO Johnathan Johannes.

Instead, it was mainly about amending the bank’s statutes to allow participation in such general meetings (such as annual general meetings and general meetings) through online means.

The busy meeting passed the resolution and also re-elected the outgoing board members.

The main shareholder – herself a former senior bank executive with extensive administrative experience – told Saint Lucia News Online (SNO) that she and others were “happy with the way the meeting went. “.

“It dealt with ongoing institutional issues and the business of the bank was conducted with the professionalism that has always characterized the way we operate,” she said.

According to the leading shareholder, who preferred to remain anonymous (“to avoid unnecessary gossip”), “With the unfortunate resignation of the ex-MD now behind us, we can now continue to build the first indigenous bank of the island. “

According to her, “We still have the edge among local banks and our list of firsts started long before now, since our transition from St. Lucia Cooperative Bank to 1st National Bank in 2005…

“We must not forget the progress the bank has made under all of its previous CEOs in the sixteen years since this transition, including by the late Andy Delmar, God bless his soul …”

She concluded: “Now that we have paved the way for shareholders to have the opportunity to participate in meetings through Zoom and other online means, we are also introducing another First for our members, and we will continue to do so. to do…

“Right now the way is clear and our collective will is there and we, as shareholders, can only continue to support our board of directors, so that we can continue to build our bank – and the rebuild even better!

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