55% reduction in cybercrimes; Kyc and bank fraud still on the rise | News from Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai: The number of cybercrime cases related to social media, online fraud and women-related crimes decreased by 55% in 2021 compared to the previous year. While a total of 301 cases were recorded from January to December 2020, only 172 cases were recorded in 2021. However, online fraud by impostors tricking citizens into online banking, phishing, sharing of OTP, the scanning of QR codes under various pretexts, increased from 46 cases in 2020 to 64 cases in 2021.
Vijay Waghmare, Senior Inspector of Cybercrime Cell, said: “The majority of cybercrimes are related to online fraud, as 242 such cases were recorded in 2020. Comparatively, these cases decreased in 2021, with only 127 cases. Social media crimes also decreased from 59 cases in 2020 to 45 cases in 2021. Online fraud on Olx, Flipkart and other marketplace portals decreased significantly from 32 cases in 2020 to just eight cases in 2021. Even workplace fraud cases decreased from 14 cases in 2020 to just six cases in 2021. Even credit card/bank debit fraud cases dropped from 35 to 12. Citizens using Google Pay and other e-wallets seem to have become more alert compared to 2020. Not a single victim fell prey in 2021. Even the number of fraud cases under the guise of PayTM KYC update increased from 37 in 2020 to only five cases in 2021. ATM card skimming and cloning cases are zero in 2021, compared to four cases the year before. The drop in the number of cybercrime cases can be attributed to the awareness created by the cybercrime unit and news reports.
He said: “However, the number of cases related to phishing scam, OTP sharing and QR code scanning which allows cybercriminals to perform fraudulent transactions has increased from 14 cases in 2020 to 23. in 2021. Even marriage fraud and Facebook friend requests increased slightly from one case in 2020 to three cases in 2021.”

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