A wife forcing her husband to sign “a contract” before lending him money

A woman who refused to allow her husband to borrow a large sum of money without him signing a contract has been supported by Reddit users.

In a viral post shared on Reddit’s Am I the A**hole (AITA) subforum under the username Throwaway5253541, the woman said her husband “asked to borrow 14k”.

She wrote: “I tried to ask him why he needed the money, but he said it was none of my business, then insisted he give it back to me as soon as possible. [as soon as possible].”

According to a January 2022 survey by US News and World Reportaround a third of couples surveyed (30%) have experienced “financial infidelity” – when a partner hides or withholds information about a money-related decision – in their relationship.

The top three types of financial infidelity reported by respondents were secret shopping (around 31%), concealing debts or accounts (around 29%) and lying about income (around 23%).

A file image shows a couple arguing on a sofa, the woman holding a sheet of paper. A post about a wife refusing to lend her husband a large sum of money unless he signs a contract has gone viral on Reddit.
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The survey found that the main reasons for committing financial infidelity were to avoid an argument (38%), the embarrassment of mismanaging money (about 23%) and the desire to feel more in control financially (about 16%).

In a SunTrust Bank survey conducted online by Harris Poll, the US market research firm, just over a third (35%) of respondents blamed finances for the stress they feel in their lives. relationship.

A January 2022 report from National Debt Relief, a debt settlement company, found that 3 in 5 Americans have “considered postponing marriage to avoid inheriting their partner’s debt.” Fifty-four percent said “having a partner in debt is a major reason for considering divorce.”

The Reddit post user agreed to lend her husband the money on the condition that “he signs a contract that he will return the money in full.”

Acting ‘all shocked and offended’, the husband reportedly said the wife ‘should be ashamed to involve the courts and lawyers between family members’. He later called her “fucking useless” and “ran off to spend the night with/God knows who!”

The user said her husband of two years had been married twice before and had six children. She alleged that her bank account is “always nearly empty”, while her account contains “more than 20,000” and the couple “take turns paying daily and other expenses”.

She highlighted her husband’s “financial struggle” of late and said he had borrowed from a number of people, including “around 4,000” from his wife’s brother.

The user said: “He just seemed desperate for money. I asked what the deal was and he said he needed money for the kids, which seemed fishy since the children don’t really need that much money for their expenses. The eldest is 16 years old. !!!!!.

According to the woman, “He kept ranting about me refusing to help him and making it harder for him instead of cooperating…AITA for standing his ground with this condition?”

Several Redditors sided with the original poster.

In a comment that received over 25,000 upvotes, user Justagireatingcake said the user was “NTA [not the a**hole]“, adding:” This looks like drug addict behavior. Is he a player? If it were drugs, he would ask for smaller amounts more often, but that looks like gambling debt.”

In a comment that received 11,400 upvotes, user baabaaredsheep said, “He insisted he return it ASAP.” Looks like he’s counting on this big win. op [original poster] is NTA for sure. I hope she had a prenup. Husband needs help.”

In a comment that received more than 8,600 upvotes, user cli_spi said: “If you could return as much money as soon as possible, you wouldn’t need it in the first place. You would be open and honest about to your repayment term. It’s absolutely gambling debt.”

User EmeraldBlueZen, who claimed to be a lawyer, wrote: “OP has $20,000 in the bank and is willing to give her financially irresponsible husband $14,000 if he agrees to sign a piece of paper? a contract or not, there’s no way she’s getting the money back,’ in a comment that got 1,500 upvotes.

Newsweek contacted the original poster for comment.

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