Banker loses Rs 10 lakh after fraudster uses loan in his name

A 32-year-old banker from Kandivali recently lost Rs 10 lakh to search engine fraud when she went online to look for a customer service number for the bank she had worked at for six years. Apparently the number she got online was from a fraudster who got a pre-approved Rs 12.90 lakh loan in her name and got her to transfer Rs 10 lakh. On a complaint from the banker, the Charkop police recorded an offense and began their investigation.

The complainant, a resident of Charkop, works at a nationalized bank in Chandivali in the operations department. Last week, the victim went online to find the bank’s customer service number after his debit card encountered a problem.

As soon as she dialed the number, the call was ended and she immediately received a call from another number. The caller posing as a bank representative asked him about his debit card problem.

According to police, after hearing her, the fraudster made her download the Any Desk and Team Viewer Quick Support apps and took control of her phone. He further instructed her to start her banking app to activate her debit card, police said.

Meanwhile, a lack of Rs 12.90 had been credited to his account, the scammer claimed the money belonged to someone else and credited it to his account by mistake. He further told her that she would be penalized if she did not return it and gave her several account numbers to transfer the money. He also told her not to disconnect the phone until the transaction was completed. The woman believed him and transferred the money to the donated accounts.

Meanwhile, the victim received a call from her bank manager, when she told her story to the manager who became suspicious and told him to ask the representative for her employee number. When asked, he told him a 10-digit number, however, the bank has a six-digit employee ID, when the victim asked him to repeat the ID, he disconnected the phone.

When the victim checked with his bank, she realized that the fraudster had received a pre-approved loan of Rs 12.90 lakh in his name and credited the money to his account and then made his transfer of Rs 10 lakh.

Since the call was disconnected during the transaction, Rs 10 lakh have been transferred. Bank officials asked him to file a complaint with the police.

We have registered an offense of cheating and impersonation as well as the relevant articles of the law on information technology. We have asked the banks to freeze the accounts the money has been transferred to, we are also looking for the accused using his mobile number and bank details, an officer at the Charkop police station said.

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Posted on: Wednesday December 08, 2021 08:19 IST

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