Banking Mohtasib offers Rs 709 million relief to banking customers

KARACHI: Banking Mohtasib Pakistan (BMP) has provided aid amounting to Rs 709 million to banking customers in 2021, a statement said on Tuesday.

The bank handled 32,592 complaints out of 37,364 in the year 2021, which is about 87% of the total complaints compared to the year 2020, where Rs 598 million was provided to banking customers eliminating 21,360 complaints .

According to the Annual Report for the year 2021 of the BMP, 33,196 new complaints, including 17,762 complaints from the Prime Minister’s portal were received at the BMP secretariat in 2021 while 4,167 complaints were raised from the year 2020. .

An increase of around 46% was observed in the receipt of complaints to the BMP in the year 2021, compared to the year 2020.

The BMP office, despite the Covid-19, managed to maintain the steady pace of handling complaints while adhering to the prescribed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Covid-19.

“The BMP has launched a project to upgrade the computer system and redesign its website to keep pace with technology and respond to the art of technological product,” the statement said.

“This revamped website will contain an online complaints portal for the general public which will be followed by the launch of an SMS service by June this year to keep them updated on the status of their complaints,” said he added.

In a bid to protect people from the fraudulent activities rampant these days, BMP Kamran Shahzad also urged bank customers not to disclose their personal and financial credentials to any third party. , adding that upon receiving suspicious calls, they should immediately go to the nearest branch of their bank or contact the bank’s hotline.

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