Corporate Insight Announces Annual User Experience Awards in Banking Services and Credit Cards, Highlighting Importance of P2P Payments and Live Chat

NEW YORK, January 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Corporate Insight, the leading provider of competitive intelligence and customer experience research for the financial services industry, today released its 2021 Monitor Awards for personal banking and credit cards individuals and small businesses. Now in his 23e year, the program recognizes digital innovation and best practices, awarding gold, silver and bronze medals in recognition of significant advancements in web and mobile user experience over the past year.

“In 2021, banks and card issuers continued to adapt to a fully digital future where customers can manage their accounts remotely, take advantage of P2P payment technology, and request support via live chat. direct or virtual assistants, ”said Matt Eschmann, research director at Corporate Insight. “With the continuing pandemic requiring all financial transactions to be digital, we’ve seen companies hone their online account experiences, ensuring that users of all experience levels can manage their finances online. These experiences also become more personalized as businesses are better able to leverage customer data to proactively push suggestions or actions based on user behaviors and spending habits. ”

In the Payments category, P2P functionality continued to grow, with Chase winning a gold medal for its comprehensive P2P request functionality, allowing customers to select one or more contacts to request payment; multi-recipient requests reveal a useful invoice splitting feature where users can include or exclude themselves in the transaction. Citi continues to lead in personal and small business credit cards, winning gold medals for payment systems that include a useful feature where users can add a payment account by providing external login information.

Many companies continued to refine the functionality of authenticated sites in 2021, leading to a new winner in the Website Design and Usability category. Citi won a gold medal by making several improvements to the authenticated credit card site in 2021, including improvements to the design and organization of the site, resulting in more efficient navigation, better positioning of resources and abundant contextual support via live chat and tooltips. CitiBusiness also retained a gold medal for its small authenticated business cards site; Available in English and Spanish, the site allows users to customize and enhance features, including delivery settings, employee online access, and major payment methods.

The Account Service category remains of key importance as the pandemic continues to push customers towards interactive digital customer service and online account management. Discover won its third consecutive gold medal partly for its easily available authenticated live chat site equipped with a virtual chatbot assistant and a dedicated message center. CitiBusiness won a gold medal for its live chat support which includes a virtual assistant, as well as constantly evolving predictive and authenticated site search that appears in a slideout or dedicated page.

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