Digital Banking App Provider Ranking Wins Gold

There are loads of top-ranked apps to consider in the latest edition of PYMNTS Ranking of digital banking app providers because three contenders got a perfect score of 100.

With these three apps now sharing the #1 position, they left empty seats at #2 and #3. As a result, several apps have moved up two positions in the rankings since the last time.

In another highlight of this month’s action, an influential player added seven points to his tally and took four positions in the standings.

Now let’s check our balance.

The Top 5

At the top of the ranking, we find the three applications which each obtained a score of 100. Carillon was here last month. Nubank come up from second place and Revolution leapt from the third. Since last month, the latter has also added four points to his tally, making him a mover and shaker.

Five points behind the new finalist, Monzo. This app has moved up two places since last time with a score of 95.

Six points behind with a score of 89 is Starling Bank. This app has also moved up two positions since last time and is now ranked third. He also added three points to his score, making him a mover and a shaker.

Follow the others up the ladder and climb two steps east KOHO. With a score of 85, this app is now ranked fourth.

Continuing the trend, David moved up two positions. This app is now ranked fifth with a score of 83. As this score is four points higher than last time, Dave is another of this month’s movers and shakers.

Top 10

There is a tie at No. 6 between two contenders who each scored 74. Running has gone up a level since the last time, while At the top jumped four. Scoring seven points higher than last time, Up is also this month’s biggest mover and shaker.

Two dots behind them is Empower. This app has moved up two places and is now at number 7 with a score of 72.

There is another tie for eighth position in the standings, with two competitors earning a score of 70. Dubai Commercial Bank and Mandarin have moved up a level since the last time.

Going up a notch also means Monese. This app is now ninth with a score of 67.

Just one point behind that, with a score of 66, is N26. This application has lost two positions in the ranking and now closes the top 10 of this month’s edition of the ranking of digital banking application providers.



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