Digital banking start-up DNBC launches mobile top-up feature

Along with the digital development of online banking, DNBC officially launches the new mobile top-up feature to provide a convenient solution to global users who have a strong preference for digital payment services. Mobile Top-up is the latest digital project in terms of improving the customer’s e-banking experience. DNBC understands that it will take longer if the mobile top-up process is handled manually by users. Therefore, the synchronization of the digital method of prepaid mobile phones with the digital banking system will benefit the user experience and add more value to the DNBC services. Users can simply use the utility to DNBC mobile top-up via e-banking channels to easily make prepaid top-ups at any time.

The process is very simple, fast and convenient. It requires users to have an online account with a global network operator or online banking service. Use a mobile number, navigate to the telecommunications operator, choose the amount topped up, and proceed to payment. The whole process of making a prepaid mobile top-up only takes about two minutes. Provide readily available listings of many global telecom operators to help international customers perform mobile data top-ups which are the same as the services provided by network operators in their home country.

DNBC Financial Group is the financial company that provides online banking services such as payment processing, international money transfers, online digital accounts, and multiple currency exchanges. The company started its journey in 2017 and supports individuals as well as organizations in commercial financial transactions in many countries around the world.

“DNBC plans to strengthen business engagements and accelerate the growth of networks where people can manage their finances, send international remittances, buy everything with our payment system. Everything is now in your hands, international payment is now very easy at your fingertips, ” Jimmy lee, said the founder and CEO.

DNBC intends to apply innovative technologies to the consolidation of services that improve the existing banking infrastructure. Always put the customer base in offerings to complement the digital aspects of the proposition for Retail, SMBs and Large Businesses at global hubs. Critical commitments focus on creating more products and better digital solutions for users. DNBC improves the efficiency and convenience of transactions at all times. Connect consumer transactions to technology and improve the customer experience with the latest features in digital payment services. DNBCreport DNBC online banking applications and systems have been constantly updated to meet the most complex digital payment needs.


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