Don’t fall prey to easy online scams: Nagaland Police

Nagaland Police have warned people to beware of simple internet loan scams perpetrated by crooks acting as representatives of reputable banks or financial institutions offering low interest loans. Fraudsters are contacting victims through text messages, emails or phone calls offering loans, police said Saturday. They present themselves as officials, representatives or agents of banks or reputable financial institutions.

Under the guise of processing the loan, electronic copies of papers such as ID and proof of address, PAN card, bank account data, account statement, copy of void check and details on income (payslips, computer declarations) are requested.

The scammers then give the victim a fake loan approval document and ask them to pay the processing fee before disappearing. Another method of online lending is where loans are approved instantly through private loan apps without much verification, but once the loan is taken, the scammers have access to the victim’s contact list and personal information, which are then used to harass the victims and their referrals. , even blackmailing them with their information.

According to the police, genuine loan providers will never grant loans without verification and in accordance with RBI standards. They recommended the public to check the qualifications of loan providers before applying for such loans and inquire with their local police station.

Meanwhile, two NSCN executives (Nikki) have been detained in Mokokchung with the help of Dimapur Police on allegations of extorting money from a JCB owner. According to a delayed report on Saturday, they were also in possession of a .32 pistol and seven live ammunition. Wapang Imchen, a so-called NSCN (Nikki) “Tatar” from the Ao region, and the so-called “secularist” Meyiwapang Aier were arrested.

A case has been filed at Changtongya Police Station in Mokokchung District based on a report that malefactors seeking to extort money stole keys from a JCB engaged in earth cutting activities .

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