Finnable partners with lender Utkarsh Small Finance Bank

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
One of India’s fastest growing financial startups has opted to onboard Utkarsh Small Finance Bank as its digital lending partner for personal loans. With this partnership, Finnable aims to realize its vision of #MakingYoungIndiaFinanciallyAble.

Finnable has made a name for itself by offering hassle-free loans to young professionals in India. Some of the services offered by the Finnable personal loan app include:

  1. Personal loan

Personal loans are usually chosen when an individual encounters an unexpected financial emergency or when making a splurge-worthy purchase. Simply put, if we has an urgent need for cash, just provide some basic documents and avail the loan on Finnable. The app provides loans of up to 10 lakhs to salaried employees.

  1. Travel loan

As the name suggests, this type of loan is typically used when there are travel plans in place, but one lacks finances. Whether one needs funds for a honeymoon, a family vacation or a solo trip, Finnable would help and fulfill all of their travel plans.

  1. Education loan

Whether one needs funds to pursue higher education or further education, they can benefit study loan through the Finnable app. Moreover, if timely EMI payments are made, they also become eligible for cashback of up to Rs 200 per month.

  1. Wedding Ready

Weddings are an expensive affair, and one should not have to compromise on their special day due to a lack of funds. At times like these, one can apply for the Finnable Wedding Loan.

  1. Medical loan

Unexpected medical expenses can reduce your savings. You can indeed opt for a medical loan from Finnable and avoid exhausting all your savings at once. Since the entire process can be completed quickly and easily, one does not have to worry about funds and one can opt for the best treatment available.

Speaking of the collaboration, Mr. Amit Arora (co-founder) said, “We are delighted to have Utkarsh Small Finance Bank as our digital lending partner. This collaboration brings us one step closer to our vision of #MakingYoungIndiaFinancallyAble. It would also help us improve our distribution network as we aim to offer financial products to young professionals. »

About Finnable

Using the latest technology and innovative financial strategies, Finnable aims to revolutionize lending in India by providing instant loan with little or no paperwork. Since the entire process is entirely online, there is no hassle in maintaining documentation.

About Utkarsh Small Finance Bank

With a mission to financially empower the low-income group, Utkarsh Small Finance Bank was established in 2009. The bank, with a deposit base of over Rs 50,000 million, has a reach of over 500 banks and a full customer base of over 2.5 million. Their main goal is to give hope to their customers by providing process-centric and technologically capable services.

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