I am ready to forgo the benefits of Ghana Development Car Loan Free of Charge – Cassiel Ato Forson

Member of Parliament’s finance committee, Cassiel Ato Forson has said he is ready to relinquish certain privileges he enjoys as a legislator in the name of Ghana’s development.

His comments come after the chairman of the finance committee, Kwaku Kwarteng, called on politicians to consider making sacrifices in the face of the economic difficulties facing the country.

Speaking to parliament on Tuesday, Kwaku Kwarteng called on MPs to make decisions that will ease the pressure on public funds.

In his view, some House expenses, such as money spent on printing calendars and agendas, are unnecessary.

Kwaku Kwarteng called on fellow lawmakers to lead by example.

“The President reminds us all the time that we are the representatives of the people. Parliament should not only control the executive, we need to lead by example, ”he said.

Reply to this on Joy FM‘s Top story On Tuesday, Cassiel Ato Forson pledged to make deliberate efforts to support the cause.

He said he was personally prepared to sacrifice certain benefits such as “ex gratia and auto loans for the purposes of the reforms we need in the country”.

However, he said the executive must lead the way in making the sacrifices.

“It is important that the President reduces his convoy every time he travels because the fuel is indeed sponsored by the state. It is important that His Excellency the President stops any luxury in which he engages. It should start with them, not just the MP, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the former deputy finance minister has warned that the country’s economy will collapse if pragmatic steps are not taken to cut spending.

“It is a fact that Ghana’s spending in 2020 is an outlier across Africa. The budget deficit in most African countries was 7% on average. Ghana’s budget deficit was 15.6%. The election year spending salary is ‘Sadoses’ and if we don’t deal with it, the economy will collapse in an intensive care unit and that’s not what we want, ”he said. he warned.

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