InterLinc Mortgage Welcomes New Branch and 21 New Hires in Waldorf, Maryland


Branch Manager, Tim Murphy

I started looking for the next level of mortgages. InterLinc has reached the top – I am in awe of the systems, strategies and efficiency that this company provides for my team.

InterLinc Mortgage has seen a sharp increase in its workforce in recent months, largely due to the latest integration of its branch in Waldorf, Maryland. Led by Branch Manager Tim Murphy, the Waldorf team has 21 members and has no intention of slowing down. With this new branch come three new state licenses for InterLinc in Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

When asked why InterLinc was right for his team, Tim Murphy replied, “The key was efficiency and closing the deal. I like InterLinc because they have the ability to make specials work and the ability to get things done quickly, which is the critical part.

The integration of the Murphy Group represents another step towards the vision set out by InterLinc CEO Gene Thompson for the company: “InterLinc Mortgage will be one of the top 100 national mortgage lenders by 2025 with $ 7 billion. annual production dollars thanks to aggressive but sustainable growth. The Murphy’s production capacity is a huge added value for InterLinc, as well as the new market presence of the InterLinc brand in Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Prior to joining InterLinc, Murphy had worked for his former employer for 17 years. As for what inspired him to make the jump to InterLinc, Murphy replied, “I got to that point where I started looking for the next level of mortgage lending. InterLinc has reached the top – I am in awe of the systems, strategies and efficiency that this company provides for my team.

Throughout the recruiting process, CEO, Thompson, and Senior Vice President, James Durham, were continually inspired by Murphy and his team, including their vast expertise, and were determined to bring them into this new market. “I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this [Murphy] will do here. His leadership qualities combined with his subject matter expertise in the mortgage industry is nothing short of exciting, ”said Durham.

“One of the things that fascinates me is that our team is falling behind [Murphy] and its vision of growth in this market we are entering just now. It certainly mimics the InterLinc culture and we couldn’t be more excited to have it, ”says Thompson. As a company, InterLinc looks forward to seeing what the Murphy Group accomplishes and looks forward to expanding InterLinc’s footprint even further with Tim and his team on board.

Having spent decades in the mortgage industry himself, Tim brings in an average of over $ 100 million in closed loans per year and the prestige of being a top producer year after year with his former employer. With him comes a team of initiators whom Tim has led and mentored for many years. Together, they will oversee the mid-Atlantic region of the United States through their creative team licensed in several states in that region.

About InterLinc

InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC is a Houston-based full-service mortgage banking company with approvals from the three largest issuers of mortgage-backed securities: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. The Company provides clients with access to enhanced mortgage product offerings, competitive pricing, lending efficiency and service. InterLinc is licensed in 25 states in the Midwest and Southeast. More information is available online at

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