OJK comments on suicide linked to illegal online lending


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta A 38-year-old housewife in Wonogiri, central Java, reportedly committed suicide on Saturday last week. Police suspect this was caused by the series of harassment of 23 illegal online loan companies they had taken loans from.

In response to the case, the head of the Financial Services Authorities (OJK) Online Lending Working Group, Tongam L. Tobing, said the incident was concerning. He wishes no one would face similar circumstances in the future.

“It is a valuable lesson for us that taking loans from illegal online lenders is extremely dangerous,” Tobing said on Oct. 6, Bisnis.com reported. “Illegal online loan services are criminal activity, don’t let there be another victim.”

He called on members of the public to report illegal online lending activities, either the initial offers or the terror and intimidation of their debt collectors, to the police or the OJK task force. Consulting legal aid institutions can also be an alternative if victims intend to involve the police.

Jakarta Legal Aid (LBH Jakarta) has released the Self-Help Toolkit to Address These Illegal Online Lenders and Online Gender-Based Violence which can be downloaded for free at bantuanhukum.or.id.

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