Online loan applications on police radar

Tirupati: With a growing number of complaints on online money lending applications, the Urban Police District’s Cybercrime Wing, which is fully equipped with the latest tools to thwart online fraud, has recorded FIRs on approximately 50 companies that provide loans to the needy online.

Urban SP C Venkata Appala Naidu sent these FIRs to the Director General of Indian Computer Emerging Response Team under New Delhi’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics, requesting the banning of these 50 apps.

Urban police officials also said in their complaint to the ministry that some women who have benefited from loans or members of debtors are targeted by app operators who transform their photos and create obscene content for the purpose of blackmail and for other nefarious purposes.

These online loan apps will initially collect all borrowers details including PAN, Aadhaar, bank account details along with photos which they will then transform and post to relatives, friends and acquaintances via messaging apps in the part of the increased pressure on the debtor if he or she has not repaid the loan on time.

If the borrower is a woman, the loan companies transform the photo of her, create obscene images and make them go viral, inflicting horrific humiliation among her relatives and acquaintances, even with phone numbers.

The companies have designed their apps in such a way that loan recipients must submit all details, including contact numbers stored in their mobile phones, immediately after downloading the app.

Companies charge abnormal interest if payment is delayed for even a day and resort to various types of harassment like repeated calls, blackmail and shaming.

At the request of SP Venkata Appala Naidu, CI Cybercrime Wing Subramanyam Reddy and his team registered FIRs against around 50 of these app operators.

Speaking to The Hans India, Urban SP Naidu said people should not take loans through online applications which may resort to harassment and humiliation. He called on people to bring the details of the harassment to the attention of the police to get relief from these app operators.

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