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The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) met with electricity consumers in Edo state on Wednesday to address complaints about electricity distribution in the state.
Commission chief Babatunde Irukera gave assurance at the start of a four-day electricity consumer complaint resolution platform in Benin.
He said the platform was organized by the FCCPC in conjunction with the MacArthur Foundation.
Irukera, represented by Abdullahi, the FCCPC’s commissioner in charge of operations, said the commission had traveled the country to listen to consumer complaints.
“We know there are problems because the FCCPC has received your complaints. I will say that electricity is one of the main complaint issues that we have received so far at the commission.
“So that’s the essence of the forum. We are here today to discuss issues for BEDC and you, consumers of electricity.
“Problems of bad customer service, disconnection without notice, scandalous and arbitrary invoicing, non-counting of customers, payment made for meters without supply.
“Other issues we are experiencing include prevention of sales by customers due to disputed invoices, insufficient service offering with regards to service band allocation, mass disconnection as well as general disregard. regulations, ”he said.
He said the electricity distribution has its own regulator, the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), but added that the FCCPC works with all other regulators.
According to him, the FCCPC is the supreme regulator dealing with competition and operations in the country.
“So we must once again draw the attention of BEDC, the National Agency for Electricity Management Services (NEMSA), as well as NERC to complaints from consumers of electricity in Edo.
“This is to let them know that every consumer complaint in Edo, as well as those filed here today and the consecutive days we are going to be here, must be dealt with and fully resolved.
“We will also give a timetable which would be strictly adhered to and any failure to comply with this would be taken seriously by the FCCPC,” he said.
In his remarks, Edo BEDC chief Abel Enechaziam said a lot is being done by the company to make sure customers are happy.
Mr Enechaziam said the BEDC will try as much as possible to resolve complaints from electricity consumers in the company’s four franchise states.
He revealed that this year alone, the company received more than 459,000 customer complaints, while it also handled more than 455,000 of the cases.
“BEDC has a robust system in place to handle customer complaints, and we are ready to respond to your complaints,” he said.
He also said the company currently has a lot of network expansions going on and assured that it will ensure customers are well taken care of.
Journalists reported that most consumers at the forum inquired about who is responsible for replacing a faulty transformer between BEDC and consumers, while others complained of bills deemed outrageous.

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