Sneaky leak leaves WF family with expensive water bill

WEST FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – A West Fargo man urges homeowners to pay close attention to your water meters after he says an unnoticed leak has pushed his water bill to over 2,000 $ last month.

Three months after moving into their new home near Brooks Harbor Elementary, Nyondon Blay says he was slapped with a water bill that showed he and his young family had used more than 280,000 gallons of water alone. ‘in December.

“It’s ridiculous, you know? Blay said.

In October, Blay’s bill was $ 56, while November’s was $ 156. Blay’s December bill is pennies under $ 2,500, which is already causing Blay to panic.

“It’s a lot of money. It’s more than our mortgage. If it happens once or twice, we might have to move. Maybe this time, we might have to think about moving because we cannot afford to pay $ 2,500 in water bills, ”he said.

Blay says the City of West Fargo discovered that its meter showed there had been some sort of water leak for about eight days in December before the issue resolved itself, which city officials said , happens more often than you might think.

“For example, if it’s something like a leaking toilet flapper and they use it and it resets, it will stop,” said Jim Larson, CFO of West Fargo. Larson says most leaks are caused by a toilet or a water softener.

However, Larson says the unexpectedly high bills won’t leave neighbors stunned thanks to the new water meters which he says are “basically flawless.”

“We went from reading once a month to reading literally on time,” Larson said.

Larson says that by the spring, West Fargo owners will be able to sign up online to be notified via text or email when their water meter starts getting a high reading almost immediately as they go. it happens. Blay says the new program could have saved him and his family thousands of people, and says he hopes it will prevent others from finding themselves in a bind like his.

“I hope no one else pays that kind of bill,” Blay said.

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