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DENVER, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The CE Shop is proud to begin offering e-Manuals as part of its premium real estate and mortgage pre-licensing packages. This extends The CE Shop’s support and development to new licensees entering these industries who have expressed a need for additional learning tools beyond what The CE Shop already offers on their online learning platform. line.

Electronic textbooks are available in every state for mortgage education and in 39 states for real estate education. The Electronic Real Estate Handbook, “Introduction to the profession“, is an in-depth 608-page guide to the basics of real estate. It covers key topics and industry jargon related to real estate brokerage, financing, contracting, closing, investing, fair housing and licensing.

For mortgages, the eTextbook“Residential Mortgage Principles and Practices” is a 767-page electronic manual that explains the role of residential mortgages in real estate and the economy, different types of loans, regulatory compliance, underwriting, and other key mortgage-related principles and practices. For students who want to understand what it really means to be a Realtor or Mortgage Officer, this published content surpasses any learning tool on the market.

An eTextbook is included when a student selects the Real Estate or Mortgage Pre-licensing Premium Packages. For those looking to assess a career change, are a student currently studying for real estate or mortgage licensing exams, or are an industry veteran looking for additional and up-to-date content, the e-Textbooks are also available at procurement.

The CE Shop plans to expand its publishing offerings for real estate and mortgage, as well as other professions. Aligned with state guidelines for real estate and mortgage licensing types, these electronic manuals provide practical tools such as snack-sized resources, in-depth glossaries, worked examples, end-of-chapter summaries , quiz questions and preparatory exams that increase pass rates. They will help the reader understand and master the material, as well as being a useful reference tool throughout an individual’s real estate or mortgage career.

Self-contained e-books for teaching real estate and mortgages are now available at

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The CE Shop is the leading professional training provider with online mortgage, real estate, and home inspection courses available across the United States. The CE Shop produces quality education for professionals across the country, whether they are industry veterans or looking to launch a new career. We believe that a good education can really make a difference. Visit to learn more.

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