This British university lends Surface devices to students to end digital poverty

Microsoft is pursuing innovative strategies to increase the penetration of Surface devices in different parts of the world. It’s not always Microsoft that persuades organizations to use its devices and services. For example, UK-based Middlesbrough College lends Surface devices to its full-time students to end digital poverty on campus.

Middlesbrough College is promising new Surface devices to around 4,500 new full-time course entrants from the start of the new term in September. When students graduate from college, they will have the option of keeping their devices with them for a nominal fee, although no details are available on how much.

According to Zoe Lewis, Director and General Manager, students and teachers love using Microsoft Teams. And they wanted a reliable device with long battery life, which is why the university administration chose Surface. However, there is no clarity on which Surface devices will be loaned out to students. But chances are college students will get the Surface Laptop Go 2.

It’s part of a five-year digital strategy to provide all of its students with technology so they can learn when and where they can. Along with loaning Surface devices, the five-year digital strategy will also ensure online safety, improve business productivity with Microsoft 365, and more.

The university does more than provide students and teachers with Microsoft devices and services. It is looking to work with local broadband providers to ensure students without home Wi-Fi get free broadband.

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