WLTH opens its doors to more mortgage brokers

Brodie Haupt, CEO and co-founder of WLTH, said it has been a colossal year for the group, following the launch of its flagship Lending Loop and a state-of-the-art broker portal, via which brokers support the integration, hosting and settlement of WLTH loans for clients.

The group also recently entered into a business merger deal and launched a $ 15 million Series A funding round, moving closer to its goal of financing $ 1.2 billion in residential and business loans here. the end of fiscal year 22. Its tour de table should be completed by December 10, 2021.

The increase, which builds on WLTH’s $ 3 million increase in July this year, will support its latest company merger deal, which the founders say will be the first in a long series.

WLTH has completed the merger with an eight-year-old Australian payment platform credited with serving over 7,000 SMB customers and 150,000 payees, and processing over $ 1 billion in payment volume per year.

As part of the agreed corporate merger, WLTH will support the WLTH Pay product, which is expected to launch in February 2022, with the merger partner’s leading payment technology infrastructure. This will allow WLTH customers to access the product through a single and simple platform ecosystem.

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